MIDI | 6 Gallon
MIDI | 6 Gallon
MIDI | 6 Gallon
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, MIDI | 6 Gallon

MIDI | 6 Gallon

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The best selling MIDI kit is a $230 value and includes:

  • 6 Gallon Aquarium: Low iron, 91% clarity glass with machined silicone. Crystal clear and water tested.
  • 7lbs Stone: Hand-picked Boutique Dragon Stones. These stones have a stunning texture that will take your aquarium to the next level.
  • 12" Toolkit: Medical grade, carbon black stainless steel aquascaping tools. Extra long for pro precision maintenance, planting and raking.
  • Natural sand: Generous amount of super fine natural white sand. This premium sand will not affect your pH.
  • Seachem SureStart™: This bundle is absolutely perfect for kick-starting a new aquarium and includes 100 mL bottles of Prime®, Stability®, Pristine™
  • Seamless Leveling Mat: Reduces tension on the glass when placed on uneven surfaces.

Price will be discounted with code SPRING25 reducing price by $25 with free shipping. Offer is limited and can end at anytime.

Tank dimensions: 40cm x 23cm x 25cm

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Just Add Creativity

Starting an aquarium is both intimidating and exciting. Wetpets sources the highest quality products so you can relax and set up your aquarium with confidence. Your new fish will thank you!


Highest Quality Stones

All our Seiryu and Dragon stones are hand selected to provide you the best color, shape and structure. You will be provided with a generous variety for your new aquascape!

Super Fine Natural Sand

This stunning natural white sand will make your aquascape POP and will not change your pH. It is great for all kinds of fish, turtles and adult axolotls!

Seamless leveling mat

All aquariums include a hidden foam leveling mat to ensure even pressure and longevity!